Details of the Producer / Wine:
Inserted in a set of properties, with about 100ha, the company has 30 hectares of vineyard, practically all mechanized and planted with selected varieties, although in a clear bet in the continuity of the tradition maintain a considerable area of old vineyard, that being of difficult and onerous farms, and very low production, produces wines of great complexity and elegance.
All the farms are located in the municipality of Santa Marta de Penaguião, distributed by the parishes of Cumieira, Sº. João de Lobrigos, Sº. Miguel de Lobrigos and Cever.


Tasting Notes:
The mouth has an excellent volume, fresh, elegant and with a very long and persistent finish.

Service Temperature:

Recommended gas harmonization:

Of this lot 11888 bottles were produced. This wine was produced in limited quantities. The number inscribed on the bottle gives it exclusivity and rarity.